Content That Misses Deadlines Is Worthless

Delayed project deliveries have repercussions far beyond the project. Not only is trust in suppliers damaged. Companies usually have already planned follow-up activities for a delivery date, perhaps expenses that have already been made, which were now at least partially in vain. 

Postponements are expensive

The costs of postponements can quickly become enormous. The developer salaries, space costs or allocated expenses for subsequent activities alone are bad enough. Opportunity costs due to missed opportunities in the market are often even more painful. 

Take BER Airport, for example: Many shop operators had to shoulder enormous additional costs because certain goods or equipment were no longer usable when they actually opened. Not to mention additional ongoing costs for rent and employees. 

Delays are reputational crises

Many Development projects report delays shortly before the delivery date, and some keep postponing. 

Frustration increases for everyone involved. Trust in management, or in the entire team, is visibly dwindling. Key employees are often replaced because they believe they can improve things. 

There must be no acceptance of postponements. 

Example: Accenture & Hertz entered into a legal dispute in 2019 after a flopped IT project. As a result, neither company was in a good position. It became apparent that Accenture did not master the basics of professional software development. This may have caused some losses in sales. 

Adherence to deadlines symbolizes reliability

There are always circumstances that prevent us from delivering 100%. Dealing with this is a communicative task for management. 

Especially in software development, customers are often willing and happy to be able to use a partial function.

Adherence to deadlines is maintaining relationships. 

Adherence to deadlines creates focus 

As soon as it is clear to everyone that the appointment cannot be changed, the focus sharpens. Priorities are set, and less important aspects are postponed until a later date.

The Energy that a real deadline unfolded, is enormous. 

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